Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Thanks For the Memories...Not

Just heard "If It Makes You Happy" by Sheryl Crow. And even though I really dig the song, it makes me think of an ex.

He really was the most depressed cheerful person I know. My first really serious boyfriend and it took me a good solid year to completely get over him.

Of course now I look back and think

It's really easy to fake cheerful.
I do it around my mom all the time.
Not that I'm depressed or anything; she just gets worried if everything's not "great".
Bobi, are you ok? Do you need a hug? I'll bake you some cookies. Why don't you have a girlfriend?


Sorry...the mom in me came out.
Yeah, Mom. Sure, thanks. Oo, what kind!

Mom, I don't need a girlfriend, everything is great!

::forced smile::
Explain further depressed cheerful person please? Not sure I get it. I's dumb again.
Talks and speaks like they're cheerful but lead their life in a way of a depressed person.
Yea Crys, I've got several songs that remind me of ex's that i can't stand to listen to because of them. "I'm So Into You" by SWV and "You Look so Fine" by Garbage to name a few.

AW that's so sweet of Shu to offer to bake for b.o.b.i. He's a baking fool!

b.o.b.i.: how would one pronounce your name? Crystal and I were talking about it. Like Bobby? or Bo-be?
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