Friday, August 12, 2005


On the highway this morning I passed a truck that said:
Minute Man Movers "Family Owned & Operated"

Do these people know what the purpose of a slogan is? A slogan should inform people what service you provide & also entice customers to your business. Why would "Family Owned & Operated" do either? Okay, so you're all one big family. Are you The MANSON family?! I don't know you from Adam, so bragging that you're a great big family does nothing to inspire in me that you know what you're doing and that you are going to do it well and at a good price. Now, if the slogan said, "Moving You Fast At A Great Price" - THAT would've made sense to me.

BTW, I'm a little behind commenting on everyone's blog - but I'll make it around - don't worry! I know you're all panicking but as Conan would say, "Keep Cool My Babies!"

I was once from an ad agent while I worked for a construction co. that including (not replacing a slogan) the phrase "family owned and operated" really help sell because there are certain type of people (not me included) that would prefer giving their dollars to a family run business vs. the big corporate cos. because they get the silly if not incorrect notion that a family run business means that everyone working there actually cares about customer service for thier personal gain.
I can see people wanting to support local business rather than big corporate companies but to think that just because they are a family business that they care more about you as a customer is silly.
LOL that's true...I hate it when people do stuff like that. Using a fact for their slogan.

Oh don't get me wrong, I agree, they'd be the LAST kind of place I'd a) buy from and b) work for ever again. Death to the family owned and ops.
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