Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Slayer Is Punning

Bobi's post got me thinking about the meals I had to eat growing up.

My ex-stepmom (who is a crazy bitch but that's another story for another day) is a very spastic person and always moves like 90 miles per hour and has very little patience. She therefore always detested having to take time to prepare a meal. My siblings & I always had something from each food group but it wasn't prepared well. We'd have a meat (w/ no seasoning), canned green beans and canned corn with instant tea (have you ever HAD instant tea? it's disgusting!). But the thing we had to eat the most was frozen fish sticks (cooked, well heated, in the oven of course).

To this day I cannot eat fish sticks. I'm now 28 (well I will be in 3 weeks) and I recently thought that perhaps enough time had lapsed that I could eat them again. So I bought a pack. I prepared them. I took one bite and said, "Nope. Can't do it."

On a different, totally unrelated note: I want to give a shout out to Rowan. I love all the blogs here and so many of you guys make me laugh (a little too much considering I do most of my blogging during work hours) but Rowan gets some heavy discussion going that I really love digging into. Maybe it's because I can relate; being married in your 20's, messed up childhoods, sex, etc..

So, thanks Rowan for bringing it to the screen every time. You're blog world's Aristotle among a bunch of George Carlin's.

OMG *blushes* What can I say? I was just feeling really low thinking I can't get my creative juices flowing, no one really wants to read my blog, my tits are too average, blah blah blah...I am so thankful for you doing that for me (and a tad embarrassed). That was so nice of you! I keep thinking I should be funnier, but then that wouldn't really be me, this life, whatever it is, is all I really know to write!
Sorry to embarrass you. (I figured I must have totally freaked you about with the email I sent you) I know you worry about your blog contents (as do I) and just wanted to honestly state that while I love going to certain blogs to get a good laugh, I love coming to yours to discuss heavier things in life. Because it always helps to know that someone else out there is trying to deal with the same issues as you.
Yea I totally agree. Rowan's blog rocks! I've love the topics so far!
Just flipped back here. I was embarrassed in a good way. I like that someone in the wide world likes what I write. Lets me know its not jsut shit. So now there is a set of you that go for my more down to earth stuff rather than my funny "my daughter wrecked the store" days. It's good. Its what I prefer to write about anyway. Thanks go to Crystal, Ashley, Shanshu, Justin, and Danius for that. You make me feel my age if just for a little while.
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