Thursday, August 11, 2005


If you were to ask me right now how much I like Cingular Wireless I'd tell you, "Not fucking much!"

Why? What happened? Will you tell us the story?
wellllllll...I started to type it all out but then I figured no one would read it. I've been trying to get new phones to replace the crappy ones I recently bought. It's been a week now & I only have 1 of them.
My question would be 'Cingular Wireless' wass that?
isnt cingular a bit crap though anyway?
I never had a problem with Cingular until they joined w/ the phone company AT&T a few months ago. Now my calls get dropped and it's hard to get in touch with customer service.
herge: It's a cell phone co.

I had a cell once, got rid of it. Never used it. I don't understand all the rave about them.
I love my cell phone. It's a part of my body that I can't be without.
We don't have a home phone because it's cheaper for us to use our cells so it's important that they always work.
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