Thursday, August 25, 2005

Random Thoughts of the Morning

This morning I had a spider in the ceiling of my shower. I didn't notice it until I was doing my final rinse. Ya know I don't love spiders but I really hate the voyeuristic ones. What a perv.

Last night I dreamed I was chatting it up with Natalie Portman about the film Closer. We went to a restaraunt in the park and at the table next to us was Ewan McGregor and two of his buddies. He & I were making eyes at each other. Well, Natalie & Ewan were in Star Wars together so they are buds. She invites him & his friends to join our table and they do. Now, the eye flirting was starting to get pretty intense and I just knew this was going somewhere and then.....alarm clock. I have never hated it more.

Currently listening to "A New Deep" by John Mayer. Now I've heard a lot of hate against Mayer but damn, I dig his cds. I'm all about lyrics and his just move me. Maybe it's because he's young and from a city not too far from here but I can relate to most of what he says. Plus he doesn't hurt my eyes.

I was that spider. I can change into insects and aracnids at will. It's my curse.

Sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I for the kitchen.
I watch Charlotes web with my kids recently and haven't been able to squash a spider since. My kid is always trying to pick them up now. Who ever thought of making a spider cute and cuddly? Damn EB White.
I always try to continue you the dream, by falling back to sleep, but it's never the same....cept when I'm lucid dreaming, but that's not the same
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