Friday, August 12, 2005


The One True Slayer
88 Bites of Slayage

Damn. Not only have you died twice doing what you do, but no one
understands your burden and you find yourself disturbingly attracted to
vampires. You are the ultimate repository of what it takes to be the
Slayer, and no one can tell you otherwise. If you don't own all seven
seasons on DVD, it's cause they haven't been released in your country
yet. I am in total awe of you, and maybe just the tiniest bit creeped

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 90% on bites
Link: The Ultimate Buffy Test written by Iguanita41 on Ok Cupid

I'm a watcher. Which is good. You can always come to me for advice and tweed suits.

*takes of glasses* Dear, Lord, Buffy.
Hee hee! Thought about you yesterday when I watched The Body (and cried again).
I was a watcher too Tony, you can be Giles, I'll be Wesley, wait, maybe that's not a fair trade....hmmmmm....
Sweet! I am "The One True Slayer" as well. Only 82 Bites of Slayage, though. I guess you beat me.

I hate those "what show did Dawn work on, before Buffy?" because they're not fair. No amount of Buffy watching will prepare you for questions like that.

Oh, well. I'm still the slayer and that's rad.
I know. I got pissed at the same thing. Like "what's the name of James Marsters band?" This is supposed to be a quiz about the show!

But the quiz was still fun, to be sure. Hey, check it out: 2 slayers in here, and 2 watchers.

"I've been, uh, indexing the Watcher diaries covering the last couple of centuries. You'd be amazed at how numbingly pompous and long-winded some of these Watchers were."
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Hold that head up high Tony! Rabid Buffy/Angel fans cannot and shall not hide their obession.
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