Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Queen Bitch

I have been in a foul, foul mood today.

But I have added some blogs to my "Slaying Blogs" list because I've recently acquired some great blog buddies.

ah, don't be in a bad mood, I've already got that covered for ya! I was miffed at the ending of HP, yep, I finished last night, where's the rest of the storyline re: Malfoy? And, if there indeed is only one more book, how are they gonna explain all that is to come in the next one? Is it going to be 2000 pages? Then again, wouldn't put it past er.
Sorry, that you're in a bad mood. Hope you cheer up soon.

Hey, I was wondering how did you get that template for your blog, because I think it's cool.
I'm glad you like it. I think I'm going to try and change the color of the text. The gray is just a little too light and I feel like I'm straining my eyes.
I got the template from Maystar Designs. There is a link to her site in the right hand column on my blog.
She never really explained why Malfoy looked ill. I guess it was supposed to be the stress?
Thank you for adding me!! I'll add you too! I hope your bad mood will be over soon!!
It's over. I've been laughing my hiney off today.
I'm glad it's over!! But I hope your hiney isn't off of your body, that would be a bad thing ;P
Glad you feel better now. Yeah, I spose but I have a teeny schoolgirl crush on Draco, and I want to mother him and smother him. he's too cute. I just wondered what him and moaning myrtle were talking bout specifically.
I could easily crush on Ron but I keep reminding myself that he's jail bait and that would be gross.
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