Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pictures II

The "Middle-Of-The-Night-No-Makeup" look

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ooh so jealous of your manicured nails. you look great even in the middle of the night, did your husband take those? Looks liek you were having a good time ;o)
yep those are pretty cute pictures. You've been having a great time with that camera phone of yours!
hmmmm you're one of those rare women who looks good sans makeup and such. congrats!
yeah right.

i feel like i look like my brother. especially the profile shot.

don't get me wrong, i don't hate myself but ain't no beauty either.
All of those "taken in bed" pictures and no flesh whatsoever.

And people think MY post is a cliffhanger.

I love your photos, especially the last one. It is so cute and fun. And all the dog photos... they are too cute! I will have to post one of my chihuahua mix soon.
No Makeup?

You don't need no stinkin' makeup!


Crystal, there is way to permanently remove the above deleted comments so that you don't have to look at them like that. Go back to the page where you delete them (click on the trashcan icon) and put a checkmark where it says "remove forever?", and re-delete them.
Oh cool. Thanks for letting me know! :*
i didn't know that either!
Crystalpistol, in the most PC, non-threatening, professional way...

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