Friday, August 26, 2005

No Snappy Title For This One

Can I get a big Hell Yeah!? Only 35 days until Serenity opens people! I'm so excited! It's been a boring ass movie summer but fall holds some goodies! (Or at least I hope they're goodies).

My baby brother turns 16 today. Damn, we're getting old.
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*Recycled Post*
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Yep. I CHOSE To Marry Him

While on my way home from work last night my very non-romantic husband caught me by surprise by telephoning me simply to tell me he'd missed me that day and to hurry home. Feeling mushy I arrived home to the storm of my girls (that means my dogs came flying out to the driveway to greet me). I noticed that Lucy Lulu had a note sticking out from her collar. I thought, "Oh my goodness! Did my husband actually write me a little love note?" I eagerly removed it and read, "Please bring the trash can back from the curb."

I should've known better.

Rowan, I am the one on the left. Not my most flattering photo - almost didn't post it. I have 3 brothers & I sister. (See below) From Eldest to Youngest: Jon, Me, Josh, Nora & Rivers.
Jon (the one in the hat) & I have the same Mom & Dad. Josh has a different father. Nora & Rivers have a different Mom. But I rarely think of them as half-siblings. (Nora & Rivers are in the picture w/ Jon. Josh is pictured w/ his son Lucas.)
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so which one are you? is the other your sister then?
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i'm a photo junkie... love them! Keem 'em coming.
you have a beautiful family! And I think you look lovely in that photo, certainly can tell you two are sisters~ Wow, it sounds like it gets confusing, but doesn't matter, cool family! Happy Birthday again to him! How old is your sister? She seems younger too.
Yeah, she just turned 18. Just started college this week. *sniff sniff*

Josh is 19. I'm 28 (next week) and my older brother will be 30 in Dec.

*why am I telling anyone this?*
Crystal who rambles incessantly
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