Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Most Disturbing Dream Ever

I dreamed that I died.

I was being shown around a club house with a pool as a possible location for a party I was going to throw. It was a young Asian boy that was showing me the place and he had a sweet golden retriever with him. The area around the club house was hilly with a wide expanse of open pasture and in the distance a line of trees leading into a forested area. I started to notice large trucks with military men passing by and then I saw a Japanese soldier running by. The golden retriever ran up to him, barking. The man turned with a gun pointed - I yelled because I was afraid he'd shoot the dog. I then realized he was going to shoot [i]me[/i]. I started to turn but it was too late. He shot me directly in my heart. I didn't feel the bullet - I just knew I was hit. I fell forward onto the ground that was mostly dirt. I began coughing up little trails of blood. The blood then became thicker and I began to feel like I was choking. I thought to myself, "I'm dying." Then I let myself go. I closed my eyes and at the moment of death..

I woke up.

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That must be the worst 'dream' ever.. I think you may even call that a nightmare.. Horrible!! How are you feeling now? I hope you're allright..
you know, it is said that when one dreams of death, it is merely a sign of change or wanted change in your life...

Ive been having funky ass dreams as well.:-S
That is missed up! The only times I've dreamed about dying, is when I'm already in the afterlife.

I don't think I've ever dreamed about the act of dying itself.


Good thing you woke up!
It is creepy yeah.. I can remember that my boyfriend had a couple of dreams in which I died.. Wasn't great at all, not for him and not for me..
I used to dream about my own funeral all the time. It was a recurring dream that I've had over and over in my life. I'm actually at my funeral but I'm in the coffin too. My therapist told me that it signified great change in my life, that I was burying my old self and wasn't really a nightmare. Guess I just need to convince my cold sweats after that dream that it's not a bad dream LOL
supposedly these dreams mean that you are "burying" parts of yourself that are not admirable, and you are moving on to the future and new great things. Alternatively, it can also mean that you are supressed.
Wow, I can relate. I hate these kinds of dreams. I have about two or three night terrors a week, the ones that are realistic (IE no flying pigs, no talking zebras) and end in your death, those suck bad!

Here's to hoping you have sweeter, better dreams in the future.

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