Friday, August 12, 2005

My First Obsession

Before my obsession for Elvis, before 90210, it was all about Sweet Valley High.

These books were my first fantasy worlds. They were uber-cool, gorgeous and popular - everything I was not. I loved the idea of them so much that anytime I played a game with my friends or alone, my name had to be Jessica Wakefield. Now, I can't remember any of the stories. I think I might pick one up from the library sometime just for old time's sake.

dude...its all about boxcar children and rl stine.
There was a tv serie about "Sweet Valley High" right? I loved watching it:D. I was for the good girl, Elizabeth (right?). I didn't like her twinsister :S. Do you know that serie?
I have never seen the tv series. I too prefered Elizabeth but I liked Jessica's name better. :)
She has a cooler name yeah.. And sometimes Elizabeth is just too nice..
I was really into these too. I kept most of them and gave them to my daughter, and sometimes flip through one when I'm bored. She's not all that interested. I tried her out on the SWTwins, but she didn't seem to like it. Yeah, I liked the tv show too. I also had the board game and a neighbour's daughter had every sinigle book.
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