Monday, August 22, 2005

Movie & Weekend Review III

Just got back from the visiting the sadist a.k.a the dentist. He said my teeth looked great so I'm celebrating by slurping down a sugary Mt. Dew.

My weekend was so blah. My husband & I rode around Greenville with our dogs looking at properties for sale - we got lost and found the ghetto. We stopped at this one property and walked around the yard, got back into the car and "ouch! Damn, that's a flea! Holy shit, they're all over me!" All of us (dogs included) were covered in fleas. I HATE those little bastards. Thankfully we had a can of OFF! with us. I proceeded to soak my body & clothes and then all of the dogs, my husband and my car. I developed an extreme headache from the smell. It totally ruined our outing. :(

I watched 28 Days Later last night. I loved it. The lighting was fantastic and the scenes of a deserted London were moving. I layed in bed thinking of it for awhile - how horrible it would be for that to really take place.

I then had the CRAZIEST dreams! I dreamed that Buffy was fighting The Beast (from Angel) and of course, I was one of the scooby gang and I was trying to help her out. At one point we were swimming underneath a sunken building. Then I dreamed God was going to flood the world again and I was watching the modern day Noah build his ark and prepare his family.

I guess after watching 28 Days Later I was just in apocolypse overload.

Covered in fleas.. Bleh!! How did they get there??
I watched a part of 28 days later.. It reminded me of the movie 'Dawn of the Dead'.. I don't know if you've seen that one.. You had a crazy dream!! Maybe you should watch 28 days later again, and see what happens now..
I too had strange dreams based on my blog buddies and architecture. Guess I shouldn't mix reading fiction about architecture with over-blogging huh?
28 days later - I bought that, watched it, then was dissapointed, but oh well. I like the way you describe the dentist, call 'em like you see em.
Oh boo. Sorry you didn't like it Justin.
Ya know, I always feel bad that the dentist is the one who makes all the money because it's the hygenist that does all the work.
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