Monday, August 22, 2005

Movie Review IV

Just finished watching Donnie Darko. What a strange film. Some really good music in it but it dragged a bit for me (perhaps that was just the director's cut). I think this is the type of film that the more you think about it - the better it gets. Jake did look pretty sweet and I loved the whole scene with Tears for Fears. They didn't make it seem very 80's though. They could have done a little better with the sets & costuming.

it was kind of a wierd the pics, BTW!
Never did see that. They have a special edition DVD out w/ a cool box, but even that didn't reel me in. Surprising, because it was shiney, and I love shiney objects.
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The girl that plays the female lead in the movie - don't know her real name - I'll never be able to take her seriously because she was such a horrible, horrible spoiled brat in the movie Stepmom. That every time I see her - I wanna smack her.
never saw it.
Awesome movie. As you mentioned Crystal, it is better on the 2nd viewing after you've had time to think about what happened. But I can understand why some wouldn't like it. As weird as it might seem, I don't think that I fully understand it.

Good music throughout, though. Especially Gary Jules version of Mad World.(the slow song towards the end of the movie).
ah. that's who that is? i was thinking it sounded very much like adam sandler but i seriously doubted it was him.
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