Thursday, August 18, 2005

Movie Review II

I just finished watching Closer. *spoilers*
I loved it. I love films that are studies of human behavior. Rowan, I can see where this film would be right up your alley. I didn't feel like Clive's character was nasty. I felt what he did was very true. Sure he was a bit manipulative but he had been very hurt. I disliked Jude's character more for some reason. I felt his treatment of Natalie Portman's character was just so horrible.

Man, who knew Julia Roberts could say such dirty words, huh?

uggh I know! She seems so wholesome. But this movie was so real. I felt like it was my life at points. I don't know, Clive seemed a bit too "typical guy" to me. The dirty net stuff, I dunno, he just seemed so skanky. Then again, that's real life too. So, I guess it wouldn't be the same without his character. It needed it. Interesting isn't it that the boys around here don't seem to like it? They could learn something hmm?
haven't seen it but I got the idea its just two hours of people screwing and treating eachother badly. natalie portman is hot though!
It's about sex Dan but much more so about human behavior and obsession. There actually aren't any sex scenes or nudity. It's just all talked about.
I havent seen it either, but i heard that natalie and julia bought each other c*nt bracelets or necklaces cuz they really got into it.

Well, I've seen it and never saw anything about any cunny bracelets or anything of the sort. Was I dozing?
I think she meant that Julia & Natalie enjoyed the "Freeing" experience of cussing so much that in real life - they gave each other the bracelets.

*nods approvingly*
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