Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I have to eat lunch at my desk because the boss has not (& has no intention to) provide a break room.

I'm sitting here taking bites of my sandwich and the guy keeps bringing me work to do. "Crystal, can you scan this for me?"

How rude. I'm going to have to get a "Out To Lunch" sign and hang it on the front of my desk.

How rude, that they keep stumbling in while you're eating! I hate it when people do that.. Grrr
You should just open your mouth, mid-chew. That'll shut 'em up good.

Or construct an elaborate Desensitization Utility - find a cardboard box and hide under it while you eat. That'll also make 'em wonder to themselves.
LOL! Wouldn't that be something? I could use a black magic marker and write "Out To Lunch" on it.
I have the same problem crystal, I sometimes go for a walk, sometimes they get the point.
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