Friday, August 26, 2005

Joss & Harry Potter

Okay, I don't know if my fangirl heart could take it.

Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity mastermind who many Potter fans have said they'd love to see direct a Potter film) - recently took part in a chat with Empire Online in which he addresses the question (transcript on the Australian Serenity site):

Iaamond: Joss, what can a Browncoat do to get you directing a Harry Potter movie?
Joss: ihaamond, awesome question, as I was just thinking about this last night...They would have to wait until all the books come out, as I refuse to see any Potter film till I've read them all, because she writes better movies tha[n] anybody shoots. When she's done, I'll go back and watch them and wait for the call to direct number seven.

Over on (where I found this interesting little tidbit), fans were debating whether Joss would make a good director for HP or not. 1. I think it's entirely unlikely to actually happen. 2. I think he'd rock. Too bad Joss can't do the film adaptation for HBP. Can you imagine the scene w/ Draco crying and the fight between him & Harry? OMG, that scene would be bloody brilliant! I think Joss would bring out the best in those actors. Plus he has a HUGE following in England - you would be able to hear the cheers from around the world.

I'm anxious to see how he handles big screen directing. One of my online friends in England has already seen Serenity and she said it was fantastic.

Okay, the geek in me can't shut up now.

i'm almost done with "the order..." audio on my ipod. the actor who reads it is great, and the books are a pain to schlep on the train to work. i'm so excited to move on to the most recent book! My boyfriend is a huge fan too and got the book and audio first day out.
You haven't finished book 5? I think You'll like book 6. It's my favorite one.
NEVER shut your inner geek up. It's what makes Dane and I crave your attention.

Your delicious, geeky attention...
OMG Joss and Harry Potter? That would SO rule. That would be like Bryan Singer directing... well... pretty much ANYTHING.

I so wish i could comment inteligently on this. I got nothin. I do like Harry Potter. I resisted for several years and got hooked by my Mom. Read all the books in about 3 weeks. Haven't read the new one though. I'm getting there. Hey, Anamika is a huge HP fan, I mean HUGE.
Are you a Joss fan Gsamsa?
wow, that would so rule! And that scene you mentioned just happened to be my favourite....Joss would find a way to make it funny and wonderful, as well as bringing the actors to the limits of what they can do....oustanding, if one were to dream....I don't think it would happen either realistically.
I don't think I've ever seen anything that Joss has done. Ok, now I feel stupid. Sorry for my completly, utterly, and ignoramous self.
No, don't worry about it. I was a virgin myself until last year. A Joss-virgin I mean. We had a temp here last year who was a huge Buffy fan and said that I had to watch the shows. She lent me her dvds and my husband & I breezed through 7 seasons of Buffy, 5 seasons of Angel & 13 episodes of Firefly in just a couple of months. We pretty much did nothing except watch tv. They're fantastic shows. Don't be put off because of the young vibe the writing is extremely mature.
I came into Joss-ness earlier, but your story is similar to mine.

My friend Lezah was a HUGE Buffy fan. I was over her house one night and she told me, "You have to watch this!" I was thinking, "Yeah, I refuse to watch a show called BUFFY: The Vampire Slayer."

The episode was Halloween where they became their costumes. (willow a ghost, Xander was GI Joe, all that junk)

I was hooked. From then on, I was addicted to Buffy, Joss and the entire buffy-verse.

*sigh* Memories.
I started earlier on too, I was out of work, and nothing to do, so it was on and after the first episode I was hooked to the point I would stay in just so I wouldn't miss it!
Dane got me hooked on Angel... them's was the good ol' days...
Angel was so better than Buffy even, and that was a huge surprise for me! But, it ended way way way too soon, it hadn't even climaxed yet.....:( it's like, what's the sense in bothering if you can't reach orgasmic bliss? *teeheehee*
Well, I love Angel but if I had to pick I prefer Buffy. It's funnier and as a whole I like the cast better. I love Angel & Wes. And I like Fred & Cordy and Gunn but I don't love them like I do Xander, Anya, Willow & Giles. The Buffy groups bond is so much stronger and that just hits me in my heart somewhere.
I agree that season 5 of Angel rocked but I missed the hotel and the end of season 4 with Jasmine saying she had manipulated everything annoyed me. I didn't like them taking away the importance of the decisions each character had made as just someone else messing with them. Plus Angel & Cordy - bleh. Oh and the other big thing that pissed me off was them all turning their backs on Wes. That SERIOUSLY pissed me off. When Wes came back they showed him initally awkwardly interacting with each person except Cordy - they left that out and I felt that was a gaping hole.
Plus I disliked that they mentioned Angel quite often on Buffy but Buffy rarely gets mentioned on Angel. Until season 5 anyway. I really wish Angel hadn't been canceled because they had cool plans for Fred/Illyria and Wes probably wouldn't have died.
joss and Hp,wow hadn' heard that but boy would that be awesome. he would do it justice. I havent read book 6 yet either, im buying it this weekend, before it gets spoiled for me.
Angel was great, but Buffy was a 100 times better. Im stoked because season 7 of Buffy is on tv, and those I have only seen once.
Ah, musie, good to see someone agrees with me. I was beginning to think I was the loner in the "Buffy is #1" club. I think part of it is that Buffy remained so true to the original theme and that Joss stayed so involved. With Angel many other people became involved in the production.
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