Monday, August 01, 2005

I've Returned To The Land Of The Living

Having spent the last 2 weeks practically in my house I was fairly itching to do something, anything, as long as it involved leaving my house. And thankfully I got to - in the form of my favorite pastime: the movies. Went with my best friend Friday night to see Wedding Crashers. It was predictable but there were some good laughs and I think Owen Wilson is so charming I'd watch him do just about anything. Last night my husband & I went to see Batman Begins. I really enjoyed it although Katie Holmes' character got on my nerves. It wasn't so dark that it made me feel like I was straining to see the screen.
Today I drove to work and my ankle is protesting but I don't even care. I'm happy to be out and about like a normal girl.

Just read the last few of your entries....nothing worse than cabin fever...this time of year.
Ohh....You saw Wedding Crashers..

I thought that it was a pretty decent flick with some belly laughs, all inclusive!

Batman, Ive only seen part of it, but it looked semi interesting.

In what way is Katie Holmes character annoying??

I believe that the whole TomKat relationship is a publicity stunt. It's too weird or Katie Holmes is being brainwashed with her newfound religion...who knows...:-S
I don't know about that publicity stunt, but it is amazing that Tom is able to stay with Katie, considering the fact that she doesn't want sex before she's married.. I mean, there aren't a lot of guys who can deal with that..

Katie Holmes' character got on my nerves. I mean, first she thinks Bruce isn't doing anyting to make a difference. Then, she finds out he's Batman and is making a difference, but then she has a problem with Bruce's real self. Damn, girl what the hell do you want?! Can we say picky? He's a hot billionaire that helps to save the city. Cut him some slack already! Geesh.
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