Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Think She Wants To Play

Lucy is a very very playful dog. Now, don't get me wrong, when she's ready
to sleep - she sleeps (and snores and farts and kicks you). But she is
just obsessed with her ball. My husband who loves being outdoors and
having grown up in South America isn't bothered by the heat. Therefore,
he's the one who always takes Lucy outside to play every evening. He's
not here now, as most of you know. His work only allows him to come
home on the weekend. So I've got Lucy doing this to me a lot:

having had a sprained ankle I couldn't walk last week and this week I'm still
hobbling so I haven't been able to play with her as vigorously as she'd
like. My poor Abby. My little chihuahua must now endure her sister
standing in her face consistently barking until Abby is so annoyed
she'll have to play.

awww. they're too cute. i wanna puppy!
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