Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Need A Napkin Please...

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Also, someone's idea of why Dracula owes Spike 11 pounds: here

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, am I glad I got around to watching some Buffy: Season 5 last week!

::marks Sept. 29th on calendar::
have you read on kryptonsite how they got princess leia to be the editor of the daily planet? or how stephan deknight is writing a vampire sorority episode with an antagonist named "buffy" the vampire? can't wait for december!
I hadn't heard about the Princess Leia bit but I blogged about the Buffy vampire...remember Dane, you told me that you loved Smallville when I said the show sucked.

Did you guys see that there is a new Angel comic coming out? I have never even seen a real comic book before but I'd like to have the latest Angel series. I don't know where to get it though.
it is out, it's set after the show, but doesn't talk about how he got out of that last battle, or if anyone else made it (annoying, yes). its an ok book though, if you really want it look at one of the online shops like or
Dane, according to Whedonesque the next installment is supposed to re-group him with the gang. Illyria is on the cover with him. (I hate how stocky they built her btw).
I enjoyed that "11 lbs." comic, funny and I didn't know you could animate like that.
Oh My god!!!! Smallville!!! That dude (Tom Welling) is great :D
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