Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goodbye to Blog World

I'm off to Minnesota because Danius & Bobi insisted I come see them. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to resist the allure of these men when they sweep me off my feet by saying I have "mad photo skills". And besides, who doesn't yearn to go to Minnesota?

I'm just grateful Danius has decided to forgive me for saying that Smallville sucks. I expect these two will keep me busy for awhile so I won't be blogging for awhile.

*Disclaimer for the incredibly naive: I will not really be going to Minn. as I am happily married - I just flirt a lot which my husband is aware of. And I'll still be blogging.*

Bobi interviewed me:
1. How did you meet your husband?
my best friend worked with him and introduced us.

2. Curds or whey? If both, why?
neither. I'd have staked annoying, whining ass little sis.

3. Which celebrity would you be and why?
Ewan McGregor's wife so I could screw him as much as I wanted. ;)

4. You're going to a deserted island for no discernible purpose. What and who do you bring with EXCEPT creature comforts. (car, pillows, underwear: unacceptable)
what the heck good would a car do you on an island? i guess if you're a pansy that can't walk around the island...Let's see I guess I'd have to take my husband because (forgive the cliche) he is my best friend. and as far as the object, it'd probably be my elvis cd's because they make me happy. of course, then i'd also have to have a solar powered jam box....

5. What's your favorite Hair Band?
In the 80's it was Motley Crue. In the 90's it was Guns N Roses. I don't like Motley Crue anymore but I do still like most of GNR's songs.

If you'd like to be interviewed, let me know.

I also got tagged by Shanshu:
Seven things I...

Plan to do before I die:
1- visit Alaska
2- live somewhere other than here
3- have a child
4- stop biting my fingernails
5- try acting
6- build my dream home
7- visit Europe

Things I can do:
1- read Harry Potter books over and over
2- bowl at least 100
3- remember to send a card out for every friends/family's birthday
4- do the Billy Idol lip curl
5- quote Grease verbatim
6- spend all day in the bed - happily
7- laugh until I cry

Things I can't do:
1- speak spanish (even though my husband is spanish)
2- stop biting my fingernails
3- dance
4- stop fantasizing about tv shows/famous people
5- tolerate animal abuse & littering
6- be as wonderful as my Grandma was
7- win a game of checkers

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1- Nice face
2- Intelligence
4- Strong family values
5- Kindness
6- Hot body
7- A sexy voice

Things I say most:
1- "Darnit"
2- "Dag-gum-it"
3- "What the Fuck!?"
4- "I KNOW!"
5- "buffy this.." "buffy that..."
6- "whatever"
7- "that's cool"

Celebrity crushes: (I have to narrow this down to 7?)
1- Ewan McGregor
2- David Boreanaz
3- Zach Braff
4- Jack Black
5- Alexis Denisof
6- Conan O'Brien
7- Dennis Leary

I'm only tagging Ashley

What, no Johnny Depp?
Birthdays: I got a calendar for listing everybody's birthday; it hangs in my bathroom with a pen so every time a new person goes in there, they add their birthday; it is fun!
Re: BOBI -- I wasn't talkin' to you, I was talking to the ho that tried to take my spot; that's not you, is it? If it is, I'll be over shortly.
Just messin' witcha. Love your blog, really. Don't hurt me.
I've met Zach Braff. He was a student at Northwestern University. I loved Garden State.
High, I wonder if I'd have crushed on him if he were just a regular ol guy at school. Probably so, because he's still probably funny as hell and that usually does it for me. Glad you stopped by.

Girl, nope. Johnny is definately on my list of hotties but he just doesn't inspire that fanatasicm in me as these guys do. If I'd have more room I would have also listed Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson and Steve Carell. Well no then, you must not've been talking to me because I don't care enough about internet chatting to "take anyone's place" but maybe you should know your audience a bit better because your words can offend.
I'll be more careful.

Not even this will do it for you? Oh OK, more for me then.
Nice. I'm a bit distracted by all the gild in the room though. Something must be wrong with me, eh?
I ALMOST put Alexis Denisof, but I would put him as my number 8!
You dont say F... hmmm
and you realy wonna visit Europe
then hurry up now it is still there !!!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Conan O'Brien? Hm, cool!

Wait, what the... Dennis Leary?
I, too, have a crush on Dennis Leary.
::narrows eyes::
Let the games begin.

And how DARE you yank our chains about Minnesota! Before I'd reached the end of the post, I'd already cleaned the apartment in anticipation!
wow i could have written your bio about myself, scary lol
great blog :)
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