Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gnat Be Gone

Okay, I'm officially waging war on this damned gnat that keeps flying around my desk. I WILL get the little fucker today!

Can you get mine while you're at it :( I'm being tortured too!
Run, don't walk:

Just nuke the desk and the (roughly) mile radius around it.
I'm assuming by the lack of an update that the gnat won.

Wow, that's a shame.
i have flies at work, death to them all!
now theres a crap animal, the gnat and the fly, what use to they serve the world?
A slayer never stays dead Herge! :)

The gnat Tomorrow I'm going equipped with a vicous can of bug spray.
go you. My house is prone to flies for some reason, bug spray - natures remedy to pests.
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