Thursday, August 11, 2005

Feeling Down

One of my co-workers just found out her dad died. It makes me sad. Sad for her but it also makes me think about when my Dad died. I don't guess I'll ever really get over that.

I'm 10 years on this month from when my father died - nope, you never truly get over it.

There are basically two types of people; those who've been through a parent dying and those that haven't.
I feel bad for her too. I haven't lost a parent, but I know how much she admired her father. When I hear about someone dying I always feel like I should do all sorts of things I put off. Things for myself and my family. Cause I'm lucky enough to still be alive. ya know?
I feel sorry for you, Chrystal, and for Herge Smith.. I haven't lost my parents, and even the thought about it makes me terrified.. I guess you cannot get over it..
Four years, eight months for me.
I think about my dad every day...
and what I'd give to say the things I should have said before he died.
Both my parents were gone by the time I was 21. My mom has been gone for nearly 9 years now. i think of them everyday. I didn't even like them much while they were alive. A death of a parent is a strange thing. you realize how much you need thier support and reassuring presense after they're gone.
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