Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Doggie Update

Because I so can't let Herge's Dixon steal the whole show:

Lucy Lulu has been spending the majority of her recent days shoving a slobbery tennis ball in my face and making deep-throated growling noises to force my attention upon her toy.
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Abby has taken to napping pretty much 23 hours a day.
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Ariana is, as always, begging to go for a ride
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The cat, Ophelia, has haughtily decided to NOT participate in the photo session. Her picture will be posted at a later date.

Of course there are times when EVERYONE crashes:
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I want puppies!
they're cute as usual!
wow, I thought you just had your lucy! I don't know how you have time for them all! Well, they say if you can have a dog, you can have a child (IMHO the kids are easier) so, if you were thinking on it, you should - I almost waited too long to have my son. Then again, if you really don't like kids, then that's cool too.
I think dogs are MUCH easier than kids. They don't take up a lot of time. As long as you play with them and love them - they're happy!
My parents had a black lab. He was awful and some ppl he jsut didn't like the smell of or soemthing and he'd chase them, bite them, freak on them. He ruined the house if you left him alone, he'd bite the throat if you tried to give him a bath, he chewed paring knives cuz he liked the taste of his own blood, and if you came to take it off him, he'd grown and try to stick you with the end of the knife. He was also sweet, and I miss him very much. He used to be my smoking buddy (if I went outside for a ciggy, he HAD to come with). He was very protective and good to my daughter too, which was a good plus. He just made such a mess, ate whole roasts if you put it on the table for a second, bit my mom until she gave him cheese and barked to get his way. He was awful, maybe my parents just didn't let him know who was boss early enough. Later, nothing worked. Not even obediance school. They bought a shock collar till they realized it was actually burning him. THey were sad that they did that. They didn't realize it would seriously hurt him. Ever after, he had a scar where hair on his neck wouldn't grow anymore. Poor Diablo.
You christened the dog Diablo and you wonder why he turned out bad?

:) Nah, I'm just kidding.

Here's the thing with labs. They're smart and they can be good dogs but they take A LOT of work. Their training has to be very strict because they are just so strong-willed. Therefore, so many people who get labs wind up neglecting them or giving them away once they realize how much work they take.

I'm not saying that that's the case with your family - I'm making generalizations.

But in regards to Diablo - ya know, dogs are just like people...each with their own unique personalities. Some are normal and some are crazy. Maybe you guys just got a crazy one. Quite possible if the breeder wasn't careful.

Boston Terriers are the perfect family dogs. They just adore children (Lucy goes crazy when Ashley's boys come over). They play hard but when they're ready to sleep, they sleep hard. They are extremely loving and smart. Lucy was VERY easy to train. We trained her to use a litter pan within 2 weeks!
I'm glad your parents realized that the shock collar was not the way to go. Sorry they had to learn at poor Diablo's expense, but glad they learned. I personally am very against them.

I am also very much against dogs being chained up in yards. Oh, I mean, if you don't have a fence and you just chain it for a little bit at a time so it can go potty - that's fine. But the people who put dogs on a chain and leave it - who never give the dog any attention or care and make them live in a circle of dirt with the bugs - that infuriates me.
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