Monday, August 08, 2005

A Decision To Make...Not My Forte

I can't remember the last time I saw a phone booth. Makes me kinda sad to see certain aspects of society dying out. Then again, they weren't the most sanitary things were they?

I am one of those hated cell phone users. As a matter of fact, I don't have a home phone. It's less expensive for my husband & I to use our cells. I hear that most home phone companies are setting up their plans to be flat-rates for long distance but I'd still want to take my phone out & about so I'll just stick with what I have.

My husband & I were discussing our possible move from Columbia to Greenville (where he is now working). Greenville is 1.5 hours northwest of Columbia. Making this decision may be no big deal others but I'm stressing over it. I've lived here all my life. The thought of leaving my job (which I've had for 5 years) and finding another one stresses me out, much less having to "discover" a whole new area. But what scares me the most is leaving my family. My grandparents are growing old and aren't in the best health. As it is now, I see them at least once a week. Sure, 1. 5 hours isn't far to drive but I know it's farther than I'm gonna want to drive each weekend (plus with the current gas prices..). My Mom will be sad if I move because for the first time ever she wouldn't have all of her children here in the same town. And then lastly and perhaps what worries me the most - my brothers and sister. I've never been far from them. True, we don't see each other everyday but it's comforting knowing that they are nearby and would be at my door within a half hour if I needed them. Two of my brothers recently had sons. I always imagined I'd often have my nephews and that my children would grow up with them - closer than cousins & more like siblings.

I don't know if I have the courage to leave the comfort of the only place I've ever known.

I like too many colors and styles. This is a problem because I have a hard time choosing designs for my home, blog, etc... Plus I get bored easily and want to change things (my furniture gets rearranged quite often). So, because of these unfavorable characteristics - I have a hankering to change my blog template. I've narrowed it down to a few that I like but I can't seem to narrow it down to one. Plus, I picked a title of course, that will make no sense to a new style blog that doesn't have pictures of Buffy on it. Should I go ahead and change my template anyway? Whadda ya think? I need feedback people!

dude, seriously....

its human habit that we dont like change, but on the same note, we are adaptable.

Think about this...*hypothetically* if you move away an hour and a half, that is just an hour more, it gives your family to stretch their legs and come visit you, vice versa, youll be able to see which family members take the time and care enough to visit and keep in contact, you will be having a new set of experiences...

too often people develop comfort zones and never escape out of em. This will be a challenge for you, no doubt, but think about all the new and exciting things that will be happening in your life.

What kind of line of work are you in again? And depending on things, you might like the next place that you work at. If things are serious about the move, i would suggest that you start looking and handing in resumes/Cvs at places of interest, that way you wont feel the pressure of waiting last minute to get things sorted, or at least give places the idea that you are interested in working for them in the future, once the move is finally and you are settled well in.

I would see it as an exciting time. Just think more of the time you will have with your family, having more of a focus on them, or if you get irritated, you could always travel back homewardly and escape the clutches that bind you and chill from a distance.

There are sooo many positive things about just have to change your fear into a challenge that you know you can tackle and overcome.
PS..refer to your post prior about death in a dream.

This is you coping with the idea of change, like i remarked your post prior and this latest topic confirms that.

How extremely interesting. I never would have made a connection between my dream and my upcoming choices.
Moving away is scary, to be sure. I had the ultimate move, awhile back. I moved to Europe, and it rocked my world. Talk about scary...

But it was the best time ever, and i would make the same decision again, if I had the chance.

Good luck with your debate about the move! I say, go with your gut.
Crystal !
Dont go !!!
Wouldnt you terribly miss your favorite DJ?????

He'd miss you

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