Friday, August 19, 2005

Bad TV w/ Good Guest Stars

Okay, so James Marsters is going to star in a six-episode arc this season on Smallville. Good to see James back on tv as I think he is extremely talented and not too hard on the 'ol eyes BUT...Smallville? Argh. That show has SO much potential and, excuse my crudeness, Tom Welling just makes me want to cream. However the writing for this show SUCKS ASS! (threw that cuss word in there just for you Dane! )
It could be a fantastic show if they would just change their writing style. And give Lex something more to say than "You don't love me Daddy!" in his one room even though he's supposed to live in a mansion.

Anyhow, I'm starting to get of track....James Marsters. So he's going to be back on tv. Cool. Very cool. Here's where it gets a bit yucky for me: they've put in a character who's a sorority head and they named her, what else, Buffy. Not only is she named Buffy (cheesy enough already), they made her a vampire! How lame is that? Just makes me want to see the real Buffy stake her ass.

I'm not famaliar with the comic history of Superman but has there ever been any demonic foes/elements in his world? It just seems odd for them to bring in a vampire character when the show has always been more sci-fi rather than fantasy.

So, I was excited all day yesterday about Howie Mandel's hidden camera show premiering and damn if I didn't forget to watch it last night.

never watched smallville, but as u know, james marsters is my one true love. I will have to look to watch it, what's it about....superman?????
btw, Buffy references are just too cheesy, there is only ONE Buffy, like there is only ONE Seinfeld.
yes Smallville is the story of Superman before he actually starting calling himself Superman. It's his life as in high school, and now college, in the Kansas-esque city of Smallville.
I luv Smallville!!!!!!! And it's also about his relationship with Lana (witch is almost similar to Lois Lane..).. I luv it!!
Oh, question: how did you get your comments to 'pop up' in a different 'site'-something..?
If you go into your administration page (where you have control over your blog), click on the tab that says "Comments". There is an option there to have the comments pop-up in a seperate window. You need to turn that on. :)
Is it that simple? No wonder I don't get computers..
I don't ever recall reading about vampires in Superman comics. I also don't recal Lex Luther and Superman knowing each other in high school.

cystal: I tried to send you an IM so we'll see if you get the Yahoo invite I sent out. Let me know if you don't.
Lex Luther doesn't go to High School, maybe that explains it..
And they are friends, because Clark saved Lex' life.. They don't know what'll happen in the future..
Yeah, from the beginning of the show Lex was already out of college I believe. Kinda strange a grown man hanging out with a high school sophmore. My friend Beth (the one who turned me onto Buffy & Angel), said she dug it back then because of all the homo-erotism between Lex & Clark. I don't see it myself (nor find it sexy).

For the most part, Smallville has stuck pretty close to the comic for their storylines I believe. Lex even had a vision once that he was president which I believe happens in the comics.

Shanshu: I probably won't get it because I use MSN messenger. I will actually be out of town for the weekend though. I'll try to catch you on Monday. :)
Oh, sure, there's all kinds of demons and whatnot in DC. For instance, there's a "hero" linked to the Justice League called the Spirit of Vengeance, which is the most powerful mystical presence in the universe. There's been mummies, the Wizard of Wokkit, and a demon named Etrigan, one of the nastiest, most unpredictable demons ever. He was also bound to a human host. The human gains immortality (to atone for his sins forever) and the demon is forced to fight crime. Fun stuff!
And my roomie says, "Batman went up against Dracula at one point." Not Superman, but still DC Comics.
Oh okay. Still not sure if I like it though. There are definately things you can get away with in a comic that you can't on film. The show is so singularly themed that I'm thinking it's going to seem really weird. I will be interested to see what type of vampire lore they bring in as each person's rendition is different (coffin, no coffin, etc...)
ouch baby, very ouch! i love smallville, prolly more for being a comic geek but'll go the way of buffy/angel because the WB is run by retards and chimps and they stake all thier good shows after five seasons. Did you hear they are prolly going to make some spike tv movies?
I own a TV but havn't got it hooked up to anything except a dvd player. The only show I've seen in the last year is smallville. A friend of mine buys all the boxed sets and lends them to me. I've got to admit that I was into it for a while, but it's gotten so repetitive that I just can't stand it anymore. It seems all the episodes have the same plot and Lex doesn't seem any closer to becoming the evil mastermind we all love. I only watched last seasons episodes because I didn't have anything else to watch except the lord of the rings sets, which I'd allready seen 8 or 9 times.

What gives with the vampires? That seems a little dorky even for a teen geared show like smallville.
Can't comment much on the TV since all I watch is Will & Grace reruns and Brat Camp.

Initially, when I saw you pop up on BOBI's blog in my absence, I was a little bit jealous & resentful. But now that I have been here, I think I secretly worship you. I can share BOBI. Nice blog!
crystal: where've i been for forever? Sounds like everyone has watched this but me....ah well...Hope you weekend getaway is going good.

Shanshu: I'm crushed! At first I thought that u just hadn't used your IM in a long I find you just ignored my request? Shame...or are you getting even cause Justin didn't seek ya out first? :P LOL Just teasing guy, but seriously...IM me.
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