Monday, July 18, 2005

Painful weekend

So because my husband is now working in Greenville and hour and a half
away plus he was to be on call this weekend, I made the trip to Greenville to be with him.

I napped Friday afternoon so that I could get up at midnight to get my
Harry Potter book and then drive to Greenville. We were planning on spending most of the weekend reading it together.

Saturday morning we got up and went to get a bite to eat and take the dogs to a
park. There were large stone steps that were not smooth, but rather
bumpy and uneven. I took a tumble. A very painful tumble. I immediately
yelped and held my ankle and groaned to my husband that I thought I had
broken it. I have never, EVER injured myself before so I didn't know
what to think. I just knew it hurt like hell. My husband looked at my
foot and said, "Oh, this doesn't look good." I looked down and within a
matter of seconds it was swollen to softball size. I felt extremely
nauseus and lighthead and all I could think of was, "Oh lord Crystal,
please don't get sick in a public park." After the wave of
nauseau left me my husband put the dogs in the car and then helped me
to it. Thankfully we had gotten a cooler of ice that morning and he
bagan putting ice on my ankle (the doctor later said that this was
extremely helpful). We then had to take our dogs to a relative's
house and go to an urgent care center. I didn't think it was broken
anymore but my husband wanted to get an xray just to make sure.

The doctors confirmed what we suspected. My ankle is not broken but I
severly strained all the ligaments in my ankle. They put me in a splint
and gave me cruches. I am not to even attempt to walk on it for a solid
week. I said, "I didn't realize a sprain would be so serious." The doctor said that most of the time a sprain can be more serious than a
break and that if you don't let it heal properly you can do serious
damage that will have long term effects. She also said that once you
sprain your ankle badly something happens in your brain that doesn't
allow it to recognize those joints easily and therefore you tend to
twist it more easily again in the future. She told me I'll have to be
always be careful with it. When we got back to his apartment in
Greenville he had to help me up to it - on the 3rd Floor! I felt like I'd climbed Mt. Everest.

I now have bruises under my arms from the crutches and my good leg is very
sore from supporting my whole body. My husband had to go back to work
in Greenville and I'm alone at home with my dogs. (I was told I can't
go back to work yet seeing as how I have to go up stairs to get to my
office) He tried to make everything as comfortable for me as he could
before he left. Poor guy, he felt so bad and was so worried about me he
gave himself a migraine.

I did manage to get one picture of him at the park before I ruined our visit. I took it with my new handy camera phone! :)

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oh crystal, i'm so sorry. i bet more than your leg hurting, you are wishing you could be with your hsuband. I have had over 20 sprains. so, i guess what the doctor told you must be true. i can dislocate every joint on my body too at will.
yes. i miss him pretty badly right now.

ouch! 20! I would be afraid to walk down a flight of stairs.
Ooohhhh sounds horrible - poor CP!!

But on the positive side, you can still read Potter with banged up ankle.
Instead of telling people you tripped, you can always tell them that you got your leg caught in the headboard...
LOL!! Classic Barb! LOL

True Herge, which is exactly what I've been doing when not watching my Buffy dvds. :)
Be careful with that ankle. I've sprained both my ankles numerous times but once I did one so badly and tore ligaments up to my knee that I had to wear a cast on that foot for three weeks. At this point, I have a bone chip in that ankle and I'm VERY careful with it. I've been told that if I keep spraining it I'm looking at surgery to staple the stretched ligments to the bone in my ankle.
ouch!! that must've been very painful Lost!

I decided not to go into work for the rest of the week. My boss acted pretty peeved about it but I have to go up stairs to get to my desk for goodness sake! I'm not even supposed to be walking on it yet. Oh well. I guess he'll get over it.
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