Tuesday, July 05, 2005

On Sale Now

Yay! Amazon has all the seasons of Buffy & Angel on sale for $35.99 each so I ordered season 4 of Buffy! Finally! I have almost completely forgotten this season.

Is that the season with the initiative? - I forget as well...

It's the one where Spike gets the chip, yeah? That was a good one...

What am I saying, they were all good.
Yeah, that's the season. I didn't realize you were a buffy fan. I like you even MORE now! :)

2 more seasons and my collection will be complete! :)
Hey, Herge? A Buffy fan? Get outta town! As Crystal has heard me say, I LOVE Buffy (just wish my credit wasn't maxed or I'd be first in line). I think this was the season where Spike started to play a bigger role (Gawd love him), I only have the first 3 seasons, have to work on that....Gawd, I'm a dork.
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