Thursday, July 07, 2005

MY Lists

Since our society seems to be so obsessed with lists, I've decided to make my own. I'll start with

My Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

Damn, this is tough.

10.Hush (sea. 4) (TIE) Selfless (sea. 7)
9. Chosen (sea.7)
8 The Body (sea.5)
7. Tabula Rasa (sea. 6)
6. The Prom (sea. 3)
5. Passion (sea. 2)
4. Restless (sea. 4)
3. Band Candy (sea. 3)
2. Once More With Feeling (sea. 6)
1. Innocence (sea. 2)

*Honorable Mentions : Normal Again (sea. 6) (cool concept) & Storyteller (sea. 7) (because Andrew is too damn funny)

*Creepiest Demon/Monster: Gnarl from Same Time, Same Place (season 7)

Tune in later to see Crystal's favorite Angel episodes, favorite Scrubs episodes, favorite Elvis songs, favorite movies, favorite musical movies & much more!

Great List!!!

Tabula Rasa is from Season 6!
I liked Storyteller too, I think if I couldn't have Spike, I'd take Andrew next, what a dork-he's cute.
oops. Typo. I'll fix that.
Good list, only exception is that I'd put Earshot at the top - if only for the closing line when Buff says to Giles "If you're not too busy having sex with my mother". Classic.

Also the Zeppo should get a shout - great Zander episode - and I've seen it recently copied on Justice League Unlimited (Geek)
Earshot also had my favorite Angel to Buffy line.."In 242 years, I've loved exactly one person." *swoon*

And when Buffy does the backflip onto the roof of the school and the rude girl snorts, "I could do that." lol

I'm having trouble remembering The Zeppo. Is that the one w/ the dead gang or is it the one where Xander was duplicated?
It's the dead gang - and the rest of the scoobies are saving the world and don't realise that zander is doing pretty much the same on his own.
oh yeah. he was pretty cute in that one. i hear his new show is pretty good.
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