Friday, July 15, 2005

My Lists 2

My Top 10 Favorite Angel Episodes:
10. Billy (sea. 3) - our first glimpse into "bad" Wesley (humma humma!)
9. Through The Looking Glass (sea.2)
8. Over The Rainbow (sea.2)
7. Release (sea.4) -the fight with Faith & Angelus was soooo good
6. Destiny (sea.5) - the fight between Angel & Spike was just spectacular
5. Not Fade Away (sea.5)
4. A Hole In the World (sea.5)
3. Spin The Bottle (sea. 4)
2. I Will Remember You (sea.1)
1. Magic Bullet (sea. 4)

overall favorite season: 4
overall least favorite season: 3

i LOVED I will remember you.
made me cry.
makes me cry every time i watch it.
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