Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's Not Your Father's Harry Potter!

It is not my wish to be spoiler-riffic but I'm not going to stress over what to write in my own blog therefore, if anyone does not want to be spoiled concerning Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (book 6) I suggest you not read farther down my entry.

It's been a long time since a book has made me feel so strongly. I wept and wept. Book 6 is now my favorite in the series.

The writing was so mature (hence my saying 'it's not your father's harry potter) - so different from the other books in the series. However it all fit so perfectly. This book sort of "switched" my emotions from what I felt about book 5 where Harry got on my nerves rather a lot but in this book the other characters, Ron, Hermoine & Ginny did. Ginny has a little farther to go before winning me over. I'm not sure anyone will be good enough for Harry in my opinon.

By the end of the book you truly get the sense that their childhoods are gone. They are now adults and I would expect book 7 to be even more mature still. The action sequences were so well written that I could see them playing out like a great horror/action film in my mind - very creepy & Rowling doesn't dissappoint in her descriptiveness.

Personally, I like very much where she took the story. The conclusions that were drawn were so true to the hero. I think book 7 will still hold a few surpises though. I'm just not 100% sure of the situation w/ Snape. Dumbeldore was not unwise.

When you say it's more mature - do you mean that Harry 'gets some'?
Oh of course. Jk Rowling really took it up a notch! :)
That whole sex scene in chapter 11, I mean..... JK really used her imagination with that one. I never knew mayo had so many uses!

lol! I really learned something from that one! :)
I'm not all that sure about the Snape situation either. My husband finally finished the book last night and we discussed some theories about Snape. Perhaps he's under the Imperius curse. But then again, he's been saying since book 3 that the Dark Lord has had someone in the castle. We all though he was talking about Lupin, but he may have been talking about himself. I don't know for sure. I may go back and read the whole series again to look for patterns. Man~ I am such a geek... :-)
I did think about that. But the Imperius Curse doesn't make sense with the 2nd chapter when Bellatrix & Narcissa come to visit Snape.
Maybe it is that way. I mean, I didn't think at first that Dumbledore was really dead but then he showed up in the portrait. And I thought that if Sirius wasn't alive he would have been back by now. But...

And you are definately no more a geek than I am! :)
ok, to jump on the bandwagon now that I've read, I loved the book, but I can't imagine how she'll cram all the answers to the questions book 6 posed in book 7, just seems like a lot to write. Anyway, brilliant simply wonderful and I even had a cry over Draco (M. was jealous) what a poor sweet demented lad.
really? I didn't feel like there were many questions. Except for maybe, what are the rest of the horcruxes? I read somewhere that book 7 will give more details about Harry's Mom and that him having her eyes will be very significant.
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