Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Stand By My Man

I'm tired of having to defend my love for Elvis.

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There's nothing to defend. Be proud.
YOUNG Elvis - I'm with ya. Old overweight Elvis - not so much. He was a hottie when he was a youngun.
Yeah, that's one of those comments I've had to endure half of my life.

Elvis never actually got old. He died at age 42. I prefer the Elvis in his late 30's - very mature looking and handsome. Plus I love the big 'ol sideburns! :) And Elvis was only overweight the last couple of years of his life - he wasn't overweight the entire 70's.
How horrible for a person to have to be constantly spoken of as, "He was good looking when he was young but when he was fat...."
That's the way most people are spoken of. Unless they start out ugly, that is.
No Arguement here. Elvis Costello is great!
Oh shut up Monkeyboy!
Hey, just stopping by, noticed that you have to defend Elvis.. Why should you defend him???? If other people don't like him, it's their loss, not yours. He's great btw!!
I've found your site via Jensieve (who I found via Blatant Blabber).. Don't ask... Hahaha!! Sometimes when I've got nothing to do, I'll check who has the same interests as me.. Like Elvis, hahaha
cool! I did that with Buffy!
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