Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Alone

My husband has started working in another city so he's only home on the weekends. Sometimes I totally love it because I can rearrange furniture, paint, whatever without anyone saying anything to me. But for the most part, I miss him.

Plus, when I'm home alone at night with just my dogs and they start barking at some unknown threat in the dark, it freaks me out. So, Herge, next time just come up and knock on the door instead of hiding in the hedges like some pervert. Alright?

Yeah, sorry about that, I accidentally knocked into the bins - can you leave the outside light on next time please?
Glady. If you'll wear that red speedo you've been teasing me with. :)
wow, have I just walked into something here? shall I leave you to it then? ;o)

That must totally you trust him?
Trust him. About 99%. I don't think it's really healthy for a marriage to spend so much time apart like that. But we've thought about moving to that city before so I might wind up joining him there.
That would be nice....I don't know how I'd be if M was away from me so much, apart from the relationship, we're best friends.
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