Thursday, July 28, 2005

My List 4

My Top 10 Favorite Female Singers/Bands

10. LeAnn Rimes
9. Julie Andrews
8. Wynona Judd
7. Dixie Chicks
6. Dolly Parton (tie) Loretta Lynn
5. Nancy Wilson
4. Kelly Clarkson
3. Barbra Streisand
2. Judy Garland
1. Olivia Newton-John

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Stand By My Man

I'm tired of having to defend my love for Elvis.

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Ode to the Internet

It's back up! It's back up!

I love you internet! Never go out on me again! I can't survive without you.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Twat Offended?

So, I'm watching Rescue Me the other night (one of the most brilliant shows on television just in case you didn't know) and the female firefighter on the show is offended by being called a "stupid twat".

She's not the first female I've heard of that is offended by that word. However, I was thinking, "Big deal." This led me to thinking about all the words & names women find offensive, especially cunt. I just don't find them offensive. I mean, I certainly don't consider them appropriate words for polite conversation ("Can you please pass the salt, cunt. Why thank you very much."), but I don't gasp in horror when I hear the word used in male conversation nor derogatively. I guess I got over the "words hurting" thing.

So feel free world to call me a bitch, a twat, a cunt, a whore, a dildo, whatever suits you. I remain unaffected by your verbal slander.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's Not Your Father's Harry Potter!

It is not my wish to be spoiler-riffic but I'm not going to stress over what to write in my own blog therefore, if anyone does not want to be spoiled concerning Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (book 6) I suggest you not read farther down my entry.

It's been a long time since a book has made me feel so strongly. I wept and wept. Book 6 is now my favorite in the series.

The writing was so mature (hence my saying 'it's not your father's harry potter) - so different from the other books in the series. However it all fit so perfectly. This book sort of "switched" my emotions from what I felt about book 5 where Harry got on my nerves rather a lot but in this book the other characters, Ron, Hermoine & Ginny did. Ginny has a little farther to go before winning me over. I'm not sure anyone will be good enough for Harry in my opinon.

By the end of the book you truly get the sense that their childhoods are gone. They are now adults and I would expect book 7 to be even more mature still. The action sequences were so well written that I could see them playing out like a great horror/action film in my mind - very creepy & Rowling doesn't dissappoint in her descriptiveness.

Personally, I like very much where she took the story. The conclusions that were drawn were so true to the hero. I think book 7 will still hold a few surpises though. I'm just not 100% sure of the situation w/ Snape. Dumbeldore was not unwise.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Painful weekend

So because my husband is now working in Greenville and hour and a half
away plus he was to be on call this weekend, I made the trip to Greenville to be with him.

I napped Friday afternoon so that I could get up at midnight to get my
Harry Potter book and then drive to Greenville. We were planning on spending most of the weekend reading it together.

Saturday morning we got up and went to get a bite to eat and take the dogs to a
park. There were large stone steps that were not smooth, but rather
bumpy and uneven. I took a tumble. A very painful tumble. I immediately
yelped and held my ankle and groaned to my husband that I thought I had
broken it. I have never, EVER injured myself before so I didn't know
what to think. I just knew it hurt like hell. My husband looked at my
foot and said, "Oh, this doesn't look good." I looked down and within a
matter of seconds it was swollen to softball size. I felt extremely
nauseus and lighthead and all I could think of was, "Oh lord Crystal,
please don't get sick in a public park." After the wave of
nauseau left me my husband put the dogs in the car and then helped me
to it. Thankfully we had gotten a cooler of ice that morning and he
bagan putting ice on my ankle (the doctor later said that this was
extremely helpful). We then had to take our dogs to a relative's
house and go to an urgent care center. I didn't think it was broken
anymore but my husband wanted to get an xray just to make sure.

The doctors confirmed what we suspected. My ankle is not broken but I
severly strained all the ligaments in my ankle. They put me in a splint
and gave me cruches. I am not to even attempt to walk on it for a solid
week. I said, "I didn't realize a sprain would be so serious." The doctor said that most of the time a sprain can be more serious than a
break and that if you don't let it heal properly you can do serious
damage that will have long term effects. She also said that once you
sprain your ankle badly something happens in your brain that doesn't
allow it to recognize those joints easily and therefore you tend to
twist it more easily again in the future. She told me I'll have to be
always be careful with it. When we got back to his apartment in
Greenville he had to help me up to it - on the 3rd Floor! I felt like I'd climbed Mt. Everest.

I now have bruises under my arms from the crutches and my good leg is very
sore from supporting my whole body. My husband had to go back to work
in Greenville and I'm alone at home with my dogs. (I was told I can't
go back to work yet seeing as how I have to go up stairs to get to my
office) He tried to make everything as comfortable for me as he could
before he left. Poor guy, he felt so bad and was so worried about me he
gave himself a migraine.

I did manage to get one picture of him at the park before I ruined our visit. I took it with my new handy camera phone! :)

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Friday, July 15, 2005

My Lists 3

My Top 5 Firefly Picks:
5. Jaynestown
4. Heart of Gold
3. Our Mrs. Reynolds
2. Out of Gas
1. Objects In Space

My Lists 2

My Top 10 Favorite Angel Episodes:
10. Billy (sea. 3) - our first glimpse into "bad" Wesley (humma humma!)
9. Through The Looking Glass (sea.2)
8. Over The Rainbow (sea.2)
7. Release (sea.4) -the fight with Faith & Angelus was soooo good
6. Destiny (sea.5) - the fight between Angel & Spike was just spectacular
5. Not Fade Away (sea.5)
4. A Hole In the World (sea.5)
3. Spin The Bottle (sea. 4)
2. I Will Remember You (sea.1)
1. Magic Bullet (sea. 4)

overall favorite season: 4
overall least favorite season: 3

Calling Panic


The other day CNN told me that if I'm trapped on a subway in a dangerous situation to stay in the train but this morning Today show told me to get out of the train.

I don't know what to do now!

Should it matter that we don't have subways in Columbia?

On a lighter, less frantic note I got a new cell phone. Amazing the way a little toy can make ya feel so much better! I have no entered in the world of photo sending via cell phones. I just might become addicted.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Whoo Hoo!

Scrubs & Zach Braff FINALLY got nominated for Emmys!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Zach & Me

I dreamed last night that I went on a date with Zach Braff and he was such a gentleman. Of course it was just starting to heat up when my alarm clock set off. I hit "snooze" and tried to recapture the dream but couldn't.

Monday, July 11, 2005


I'm stealing this meme from Rowan.

What I was doing ten years ago:
graduating high school

5 years ago:
meeting my now-husband & starting my current job

1 year ago:
getting over my dad's sudden death

I vegged on the couch with my husband.

5 snacks I enjoy:
ice cream, Wheat Thins, salt & vinegar potato chips, pop tarts & granola bars

5 songs I know all the words to:
You're The One That I Want - Grease soundtrack (the whole album really)
Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine - take your pick of singers
Part of That World - The Little Mermaid soundtrack
Magic - Olivia Newton-John
I'm Nobody's Baby - Judy Garland

5 Things I would do with $100 million:
Build a house on some beautiful land
Buy my Mom a house
Start each of the kids in my family a college fund
Give a good portion each to the charities of my choice and probably start my own animal rescue mission

5 locations I would like to run away to:
Yellowstone Park
NY City

5 bad habits I have:
biting my fingernails
eating too much
blogging instead of working
being selfish
watching too much tv

5 things I like doing:
watching tv
listening to my husband sing
having sex

5 things I would never wear:
Sleeveless shirts
fishnet stockings
old lady polyester & big hair
goth outfits

5 TV shows I like:
currently on air:
Rescue Me
The 4400

5 Biggest joys of the moment:
my pets
my husband
my nephews
my friends
my fantasies ;)

5 Favorite toys:
tetris on my gameboy - so relaxing
I don't think I have any other favorite toys.

Home Alone

My husband has started working in another city so he's only home on the weekends. Sometimes I totally love it because I can rearrange furniture, paint, whatever without anyone saying anything to me. But for the most part, I miss him.

Plus, when I'm home alone at night with just my dogs and they start barking at some unknown threat in the dark, it freaks me out. So, Herge, next time just come up and knock on the door instead of hiding in the hedges like some pervert. Alright?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Yay Me!

I've been named Member of the Month at my home away from home Banned On The Run.

Which is pretty cool. I'm not sure how Skin (administrator) chooses the members. If he just pulls a name out of his hat or if he has real criteria he goes by, but I've not done much to help out on the board. On the other hand, it's done tons for me. Besides the countless hours of enjoyment I've gotten just from reading people's funny comments, I've made pen-pal friends that send me cards, cds and pictures and Banned is almost like therapy for me. We know each other, but we don't. And therefore, no subjects are taboo.

Most forums/boards are so guidelined that you can't really say whatever, whenever but on Banned you pretty much can (unless you are WAY out of line with someone). That has been freeing for me. I have been able to vent about things I haven't had anyone else to talk to for. So it's been great.

*sniff sniff* I love you Banned!

Article Worth Reading

Alums new series

Thursday, July 07, 2005

MY Lists

Since our society seems to be so obsessed with lists, I've decided to make my own. I'll start with

My Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

Damn, this is tough.

10.Hush (sea. 4) (TIE) Selfless (sea. 7)
9. Chosen (sea.7)
8 The Body (sea.5)
7. Tabula Rasa (sea. 6)
6. The Prom (sea. 3)
5. Passion (sea. 2)
4. Restless (sea. 4)
3. Band Candy (sea. 3)
2. Once More With Feeling (sea. 6)
1. Innocence (sea. 2)

*Honorable Mentions : Normal Again (sea. 6) (cool concept) & Storyteller (sea. 7) (because Andrew is too damn funny)

*Creepiest Demon/Monster: Gnarl from Same Time, Same Place (season 7)

Tune in later to see Crystal's favorite Angel episodes, favorite Scrubs episodes, favorite Elvis songs, favorite movies, favorite musical movies & much more!

Tell the world you're blogging

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Sad News

My heart goes out to all Londoners this morning. Ever since hearing the news from my alarm clock radio, I have been thinking about them. I have also been reliving the horror of 9-11 in my mind. It was so powerful - even though I'm not near New York city. I am amazed at those terrorists who have so much hate in their hearts. What a truly miserable condition that must be to live in.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

On Sale Now

Yay! Amazon has all the seasons of Buffy & Angel on sale for $35.99 each so I ordered season 4 of Buffy! Finally! I have almost completely forgotten this season.

Vacation Blues

I think I'm suffering from a little post-vacation depression. I should still be there. My body should still be soaking in that jacuzzi after having spent the day enjoying the beautiful sites & sounds of the national park.

I'll post pictures as soon as I get them developed. I would highly recommend the cabin rentals to anyone. It was a gorgeous cabin. Sugar Maple Cabins

Friday, July 01, 2005


I'm leaving today and going here:

and I hope to spend all of my time in this:

so I won't be back until Tuesday. All you Americans have a safe and happy 4th!

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