Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why Should You Visit?

I suppose I should use this blog to post deep analysis of myself and humankind, rather than the childish dreaming of good-looking celebrity men that I have no chance of ever meeting.
Problem is, I have trouble writing down that type of thing, unless I'm feeling extremely melancholy. Today I do not feel like that.
I've had a nice morning with my family and I've had a nice lunch. A nap is in my near future. What is there to feel melancholy about?
So anyone who might visit this blog, please bear with my mindless droning. I may not challenge your intellect but I will post on a regular basis.

I visit, because your blog rocks, you love Buffy and you are just one cool chick.

'Nuff Said
Nope, you are fine as you are, it shows through your writing, plus, you are a buffy / joss whedon fan.....luv ya already
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