Friday, June 24, 2005

Who needs a rubberduck?

What exactly is it that makes men in bathtubs so damn sexy??

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Hmm. I think the answer is, depends on the man. Not sure Pat Buchanan would look all the great in the bath, Michael Jackson either.
You make a very good point.
Greg Mills would
mmmmmm.....I never even really liked David Boreanaz like that, but wow! He's a hotty to be sure.. Baths I think do the same for us gals as they do the guys. Ever see that porn where the woman pours champagne all over her twat in the overflowing bubble bath that she shaves and plays in? Maybe it's that? Or...maybe it's just that mystery of what's just beneath the surface there? Taunting us playfully, come dive in, come explore the briny deep! haha
LOL!! I must've missed that one Rowan!

But I do get where you're coming from. :)
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