Tuesday, June 28, 2005

VH1's Reality

When I was 8 and really into wrestling, like my older brother, I thought Hulk Hogan was the most awesome man ever - just behind my father. I also thought he resembled my father greatly (in the face). This was at the height of Hulk-a-mania.

So, out of curiosity I checked out the site for VH1's new show: Hogan Knows Best. While it seems like it will be somewhat amusing (I love The Surreal Life and Best Week Ever), all I can think about while looking at the previews is "Man, his daughter sure looks slutty."

Did anyone happen to see The Best Week Ever when they named Juror #5 from the Michael Jackson trial as having had the best week ever? That was SO flippin hysterical! One comedian said, "That lady does not like snapping. I bet she hates The Adams Family."

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