Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Heroine & Movies

Got my first peek at Ewan's nether-regions last night. Sadly it was not because he was at my house. Nope. I watched Trainspotting. Still don't know why it was titled that. There weren't any trains in it that they were spotting. That's a very fucked up movie but extremely accurately portrayed I would believe. The mentality of a herione addict was dead on.
I had a friend - she was actually a tenant at one of my rental properties - that died of a heroine overdose two years ago. She was only 22. It's amazing how the need for that drug completely takes over a person.
While watching Trainspotting and the scene were Renton is "manually" coming off of the drug, I was reminded of The Man With The Golden Arm starring Frank Sinatra. I really appreciate now how bold that movie was at its time. Sinatra "manually" gets clean from heroine in that film too by much of the same means. It doesn't get as deep into the halucinations but it's quite powerful for an old black and white film.

Actually "trainspotting" is a euphemism for sleeping rough or squatting in abandoned railway buildings. Strange but true LOL
Hi, I just linked to your blog through Lost's and noticed that you and I seem to have quite a bit in common! I am a HUGE Buffy and Angel fan, or I was till the dicks got rid of them, but I also love Big Band music, folk music, and MANY of your celebrities that you are in love with (just not Ewan - yuck!) but Topher is a great addition.
Actually, that's not why it's called Trainspotting. It's called that becuse it refers to the types of people who stand on railway platforms collecting train numbers, and how, just like these people, the characters in the movie are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

Trainspotters are obsessed by trains, crackheads are obsessed by the crack.

I just followed Rowan here - hi!

Incidentially, did you understand all the dialogue in Trainspotting? I only ask because the accents are very thick in the movie?
I got my definition from www.nakedblog.com, I sort of assumed that Peter knew what he was talking about as he lives in Leith where the movie was set.

Peter said on June 12 = Trainspotting was never about trains. It was a jaikie* term for dossing* the night away in a ruined railway station - long since abandoned, but maybe - just maybe - dry enough and warm enough for the night.

Mr Welsh was bound-breaking. Cannot be denied. Single-handedly trashed for ever the Muriel Spark historical nonsense of how Edinburgh used to be. Miss Jean Brodie.

In his book he did drugs. He did HIV - new-ish as it then was - and brought a new written Leith dialect to the public - writing about the seamy side of Edinburgh - and that's about what he did. No more McIlvanney was needed - now we had our own local scribe right here right now.

Jaikie - is an alcoholic man or woman (definition again from Peter at NakedBlog)

Maybe there is more than one definition?
I didn't recall Ewan's member being displayed???? Will have to watch again! Haven't seen it in many years now. I LOVED that movie, but the baby bit made me sick to my stomach, worst is, I knew people that were that far gone in life that could've been a possibility.

Herge: I understood the accents at the time, but like I said, will have to go watch the junkies once more (if only to see boyparts)
yeah, Ewan shows his stuff in a sex scene. It's quick but I have slow-mo on my remote!! :)
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