Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Buffyverse Fans Take Note

linked from Whedonesque to this in an article from the Chicago Tribune:

"Attention, fans of Joss Whedon's "Angel" and "Buffy": Watch for subtle references to both shows on Fox's "The Inside," which was created by "Angel" writer/producer Tim Minear. A criminal wore a T-shirt that said "Wolfram" in the show's Wednesday premiere (a shoutout to "Angel's" law firm, Wolfram and Hart). In the third episode of the show, there's a minor character named Angel who goes missing, as well as a prominent reference to the "Buffy" musical, "Once More With Feeling." See if you can spot it."

Why haven't I even HEARD of this show? Have you watched it? Going tohave to look for this.
I taped it last night but haven't watched it yet. In the US it comes on at 9pm Wed. on Fox.

Of course, I'll post my opinions on it after I watch the tape tonight.
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