Friday, May 13, 2005

Oh Goody! More TV For Me To Be Obsessed With

The Futon Critic has released Fox's pilots for the 2005-06 season (here).

There are whole bunch of Buffy/Angel alums in the shows! David Boreanaz (Angel) in Bones, Nicholas Brendan (Xander) in Kitchen Confidential, Tim Minear (producer/director/writer) & Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb - Firefly & Hamilton - Angel) in The Inside, Elizabeth Rohm (Kate Lockley) in Briar & Graves, and that guy from the swim team that Buffy tried desperately to help keep from turning into a sea creature in Prison Break. Ok, so he wasn't a major character but he was hot enough to catch me eye and wonder why they didn't utilize his character more. Well, he died in that episode, but hey! they could've brought him back. BTW, his name is Wentworth Miller (just to give him his creds).

The one I find the most exciting is Nicholas Brendan's as I really really like the casting. John Daley was great in the short lived shows: Freaks & Geeks and The Geena Davis Show. Bradley Cooper & Frank Langella are both great actors. You've also got two great blondes, Jaime King (who was just a success in Sin City) and Bonnie Summerville (Zach Braff's squeeze). Oh, and that guy from Harold & Kumar!

There are a few more that seem interesting to me. I like Ashley Williams and hope her pilot goes well. Goodmorning Miami had potential but they just couldn't seem to work out the kinks. And I like the casting in Head Case - Chris O'Donnell is such a cutie! And Windfall...Well, I guess I just need to admit it. I know I'm no longer 15 but my crushes on Jason Gedrick & Luke Perry still exist and they are both in this show! Aaaah!

Whedonesque has announced : " Alyson Hannigan, Christian Kane and Amy Acker's pilots get picked up according to The Hollywood Reporter. Their shows 'How I Met Your Mother', 'American Crime' and 'The Unit' should be premiering sometime next season on CBS."

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