Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's Hump Day!

I usually dread Wednesday mornings because we have our weekly Sales & Marketing meeting. They are rather frustrating because our boss' like to give the impression that you have some sort of creative input in the decisions that need to be made. But you don't. You can spout off your ideas and they'll pretend to listen but in the end, they are going to do what they want and not give any thought to your suggestion. Plus, ever since my position was created (Marketing Director) so much responsibility has been taken away from the Sales department. So basically in the meetings it is only I & the president who are making the presentations.
Don't get me wrong - there are many benefits to my job, that's why I've stayed here for 5 years. It's a small office (which I work better in). It's a relaxed atmosphere - I do NOT take it for granted that I can wear jeans & a t-shirt to work. You aren't micro-managed - I don't have someone looking over my shoulder 24-7 and therefore often have time to post to my blog or chat on my forum (which I'm TOTALLY addicted to). And mostly, I really like half of my co-workers and get along with all of them. As far as my work itself...I mostly like it. I don't like soliciting or dealing with solicitors but oh well.Geez, I really got off on a tangent. The whole point of mentioning the meeting was to say that the President is out of the office today so our meeting has been put off until tomorrow. Yay!
Hubby & I played tennis again yesterday. My serve has improved much but I am still struggling big time with my backhand. It's so much fun to play though. The courts are starting to become less crowded now. There's that rush at the beginning of warm weather with people wanting to play and then it just trickles off.
We missed the first half of the finale of The Contender last night. That really pisses me off. I missed my very favorite Alfonso in a bronze match against Jesse. Thank goodness Yahoo! has the matches on their website. I gotta quit watching reality shows because 8 out of 10 times they do not end up the way I want them to and I get disappointed. I don't think Sergio is a hateful man. In fact he seems very passionate about his family and the sport and he seems very intelligent. But he is also very cocky in the ring which turns me off and he let himself become involved in trash talking which I think is just terrible. Peter really rubbed off on me. At the beginning of the show I didn't like him very much. But he turned out to be a really really nice guy. I did not however like the overbearing attitude of his father. Although it was thanks to the father that we got the best line of the show:
Manfredo to Stallone: "You gotta do another Rocky movie."
Stallone: "Nah. I'm too old. What would I fight? Arthritis?"
I actually need to quit posting now even though I could probably go on quite a bit more. I do actually have work to do today. I added some new features in the sidebar too - a countdown for all of you Harry Potter-philes and Serenity-philes!

By the by.... Finally got my slack self in gear and added you to my blog links!
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