Monday, May 30, 2005

Exhausted but Happy

Saturday night Hubby & I played tennis again. I think I've gotten the fever. A sport playing fever. Hold the phones people because no one, even myself, would have EVER thought I, Crystal, would get the fever for playing a sport! I am so proud of myself. (Is it okay to say that? It doesn't sound conceited does it?) But I am. I have never held a racket before this summer and I feel like I've improved greatly. I don't think I'll be scaring Venus or Serena any time soon but enough to hold my own against my husband. We had our longest volley yet and it was so much fun.
Yesterday totally rocked. I haven't had that much fun in forever. The family got together for a picnic at a lake nearby. We played volleyball, swam & ate. Grandpa fished and caught a large catfish, which was thrown back in after a loud round of applause. (poor guy - I hope he makes it)
We talked about having a paddle boat race for a few hours and by the time everyone got around to it the paddle boats had closed. I think big brother was afraid he was gonna lose to me. And rightly so! I also got to see my nephew Jacob swim for the first time. He wasn't afraid at all. He looked at the water curiously and rubbed his hand in it. He is, of course, the most adorable baby I've ever seen.
Today, Memorial Day, has turned into the laziest of lazy days. It is raining here as it will all day according to the weatherperson (note my political correctness?) And that, of course, inspires nothing in me except the desire to lay on the couch with my dogs and watch old black & white movies.
Maybe I'll have myself a Cary Grant-a-thon. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

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