Monday, April 11, 2005

You probably don't care but....

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I worked my ASS off this weekend! The whole family got together and
cleaned up my Grandparent's yard for Paw Paw's birthday. Sometimes I
forget he's almost 70 and can't do things like that anymore. We raked, we mowed, we trimmed hedges. We filled over 60 lawn bags and hauled off enough branches we probably could've landscaped Biltmore. It had been so long since it's been touched. We're going to help him keep it up this year though so by next spring it won't be as hard. Then yesterday I had to work on my own lawn. It was getting pretty jungle-y out there. So today my biceps are a bit tender. But that's a good thing.

I realized that the forum is like my therapy. You know I've attend NA
meetings with my Mom and even though I'm not an addict I really LOVED the meetings. Because I so strongly desire conversation with others that is completely uninhibited and honest. The board is like that for me. I'm sure there are aspects of ourselves we haven't shared with one another (I know there are things about myself that I haven't shared
with them yet) but for the most part we are really honest with one another and no subject is off-limits. I crave this freedom in other areas of my life.

Im lurking!
good to know. good to know.
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