Monday, April 04, 2005

Sweet Memories & Bad Predictions

I haven't updated in a while. I guess that means I'm a real blogger, huh?
I saw "Finding Neverland" and "Sin City". FN was really good. It's a subtle story which is uberly sweet. I cried. Of course. I'm such a sap. SC
was very cool to watch. The whole feeling of the film is great. I was a bit bored with the storyline - it didn't go anywhere (like I expected it to.) I was pissed though because Damn! There are female titties & ass all over the place and they couldn't even give us a peek at Clive Owen's or Bruce Willis' manly hottiness?

Hubby & I helped my brother & his family move into their new home Saturday. It went a lot faster than the last week when we have to move everything into a storage unit. It was so nice to see my brother excited about his home. He was so proud to have bought a home and have provided for his family.

I dreamed about my Grandma this weekend. She was still alive and came to visit me. It was so nice to hug her and kiss her. I really miss being able to call her and tell her everything that is going on. I can still hear her voice saying "Hello sweetie". She always perked up when I called, which made me feel good because 1. i knew how much she loved me & 2. it made me happy to make her happy. She was such a wonderful, wonderful woman.

A friend of mine had a baby. He has a heart defect.
He is on a ventilator because the medicine he is on to keep a duct in his heart open causes apnea. He will need a series of three surgeries (the first is this week) to keep him alive. They have been told he may live to 5 years old.

That just totally sucks.

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