Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spring Is Here!

I added some new nifty accessories to my blog (Today In History & Today's Birthdays down in the lower right hand corner).

I bought some flowers last night. I think spring fever is finally beginning to get to me. A little later than usual though. I bought some marigolds to put in my window-type planters that will go on my front porch and I bought a pre-planted pot with a beautiful mix of pansies & petunias. They are nice and bright. I also bought some more bird seed which I know will make all of the neighborhood critters happy. I think they were tired of looking at the empty feeder.

I'm ready to go home now so I can get to work planting those flowers and nursing the ones I already have in the ground.

It's wayyyyyy warmer down there than it is up here lol.
It's still too cold to put anything in the ground and be sure that it won't be killed off by a cold night. *sigh*
mwahaaaa! (my evil laugh)

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