Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I've been thinking

I realize that people think I talk more about myself and don't listen enough. With my friends, I'm sure they think I'm so self-centered with the way I prattle on about my life and offer little advice about their own problems. But here's the thing. I feel very inadequate at listening to a friend and offering my thoughts and opinions. Every time I think a friend is expecting me to offer them some words of advice, encouragement or whatnot, I feel like I'm floundering. So to compensate I tell a story about myself that somehow relates to their story but it just comes across that I want to talk about myself. I don't. I just suck terribly at knowing what to say.
Also, I do really enjoy hearing other people tell me their impressions of me. It's not the vanity in me. It's just that I find it fascinating because I discover other people's impressions of me are quite different than my own opinion of myself. For instance, the other day a co-worker and asked me if I could help her figure out what she was doing wrong while trying to build a website. I have no clue how to build a website but I was amazed that I give off the impression that I am knowledgeable about it because I feel so inept at life. I do not feel smart or talented. That is the gosh honest truth.
So why would I feel talentless or not smart? Do I guage intelligence & talent on people I know? Is that in fact "comparing" myself to others?

Hi Crystal.
Amazingly enough, YOUR post reminds me of the in-my-head dialogue I have going on LOL.
I read down a bit and saw about your friends baby. I don't know what the defect in his heart is but a friend of mine had a son born with a heart defect - they gave him two years after his first surgery at eight months. Her son is 18 now and going strong. Doctors don't know everything and they shouldn't give up hope.
Thanks so much for telling me that. I will definately pass this along to my friend as they can use any & all encouragement.

I enjoy reading your blog. Today was the first time I think I had posted a comment but I've been lurking for a bit. I'll be back soon!

Have a super day!
I'm afraid I don't see you as being inept at anything. Sorry to shatter That theory. Keep strong, my sista.
That's so sweeeeet! Big hug for Bethies! :)
What's going on here?
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