Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I can't think of anything better to write about

What a fabulous weekend. Hubby & I didn't get to play tennis as much as we would have liked. Not that we actually play a game of tennis - it's more like one of us hits the ball and the other runs their ass off all over the court trying to return it or swing & miss action. At any rate we like it but we didn't get to do it much. Saturday Hubby had to go to our rental house and do some maintenance -his very favorite thing to do (sarcasm alert) and I began cleaning the house. We did watch Napoleon Dynamite & High Fidelity. ND was pretty funny. I'm not sure I would pay to watch it again. High Fidelity is awesome. I had seen it before but hubby had not. He of coursed laughed his ass off at Jack Black as I knew he would. The guy is a riot.
I really wished someone else I know watched The Contender. I NEVER would have thought I'd enjoy a show about boxing but I really get into. Last episode I found myself yelling at the tv. Like a dude. My husband looked at me with shock. I was shocked at myself. But wow, it really sucks ya in.

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