Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Okay, somebody give the man his damn Oscar!

So I finally saw "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind" last night and now I'm just highly pissed that Jim Carrey was SOOOO snubbed for an Oscar nod. I thought he was to die for. I thought he was brilliant before but now I' That movie was so much more compelling and beautiful than many others that get recognized.

It made me laugh more than I had expected too. And for the very first time I really liked Kirsten Dunst's performance. I mean, I thought she was just okay in the Spiderman movies.

The chemistry between Jim & Kate was palpable. If you watch any of the special features you'll see more of that. The film really made me want to take a mind tour of my own (without the erasing). I loved the whole beginning when they are first meeting and Jim Carrey's reaction to her on the train. And I found the kid sequences to be very poignant. I loved Jim's line: "I want her to pick me up so bad. It's amazing how strong that desire is."

The one word that stands out to me when I think about it is "beautiful".

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