Thursday, March 17, 2005

2pm and I'm talking to you

So it's 2pm and I haven't gotten shit accomplished today. Well I guess I can't say anything...I've downloaded all my favorite tv theme songs and several great 80's song (Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam anyone?). What I meant to say was that I haven't accomplished any work. I seriously gotta get my ass in gear.

Thankfully my forum woes have been set aside for another day. It seems as though everyone has worked out their differences peacefully. I'm so pleased because the forum is my place. My place away from my husband. Not that I act any different than I normally do it's just that it is my group of friends and it's my personal space. Every relationship needs personal space, ya know what I mean?

CBS seriously pissed me off last night. What's up with the networks "special night" tricks? I missed Survivor damnit. And evidently it was pretty exciting. My favorite contestant got kicked off too! Aaargh!

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