Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Things are going well with my livejournal so I will be deleting this blog in the next couple of weeks.

Come see me there. Crystal's Graphics Journal

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This blog will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. It may be forever, it may be 1 week.

You can see all my journaling & graphic display at my livejournal: http://crystalsc.livejournal.com

I've already posted my christmas pictures there. I hope you won't quit visiting me because I've moved there. I still love blogger but it's getting increasingly difficult to work with; it's always going down. To get the new, improved version you have to get a Google account which I don't want. Plus, I can just navigate around livejournal a lot faster (and I pay for lj). On Livejournal, all entries have "tags". If you want to skip my graphic design posts and only see journaling posts they all have the tag "life".

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Fun

The other night we had the christmas party for my husband's company. It was a lot of fun. The only negative part was that I forgot to set our vcr and I missed The Office christmas special. DAMNIT!

The company gave away extremely nice door prizes of which we won 1. We got 3 gift certificates for "dinner and a movie"; a restaraunt, an ice cream parlor and a movie theater.

One of the door prizes was a gift basket from Bed, Bath & Beyond and the owners made all the men sing to their spouses. It was HILARIOUS. That was probably the one and only time my husband will sing to me. BTW, he didn't win that one.

We used the movie passes last night when we took a nephew to see Eragon. It was a good tween/teen/family movie. A pretty young stud in it. The movie felt a bit rushed and had some weak spots but overall, nice, easy entertainment.

Coming up this week I have secret santa and holiday lunch at work. Then of course it's christmas. So, if I don't get another chance to blog,

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Best Weekend In A Long Time

My sister came to stay with me this weekend. We had the best time just being together. Friday night we went to eat and just talked and talked. Saturday she ran errands with me and then we hit the mall. That night we picked up our brother and went to see Casino Royale and then Sunday she watched Buffy for me. (I say "for me" because I begged her).

Let me tell you how much I loved Casino Royale. THIS MOVIE KICKED ASS!! I'm soooooo ready to go see it again. I would post my whole review here but I don't like to place spoilers on here because there's no way to hide them. But suffice it to say I think this is THE best James Bond and J.B. movie EVER. No joking.

My sister brought her new pup, Max to stay as well. He's a yorkiepoo that only weighs 1.5 lb. and he was SO sweet. He was very well behaved too. He entertained himself with the toys for long periods of time. And he was very sweet and cuddly. He and my Lucy Lu hit it off immediately and played for hours. It was cool, because Lucy usually just ignores other dogs.

Nora and Max:

Check out these magnets I bought for myself!

And this card I got from one rockin' friend:

My dogs aren't spoiled at all:

Friday, December 08, 2006

What to do? What to do?

I bumped up my Livejournal account to paid status today. I am just on there so much and I wanted the extra features that I figured, what the hell?

But now that I'm paying for it, I feel like I need to use it to the max. So, I'm thinking of blogging there instead of here now. I'm not sure. I like blogger for plain diary-type use and it's easier to personalize. But Livejournal offers more features and a better "community" atmosphere. People don't seem to use blogger much anymore.

I'm gonna have to think on it for awhile.

I listened to a morning radio show here in Greenville. I felt like I was cheating on my favorite dj (you know who you are!). It was a good show. But I'm more of a "grab that old, worn out pair of comfortable jeans" kinda gal. You know what I mean?

Because my favorite dj requested pictures. Here's me in a little photoshop play:




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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekly TV Review

Crystal’s TV Review
Vol. I, Issue I
Week of 11.27-12.3.06

For my first weekly tv review of my favorite shows, I wanted to make a dynamite post. Unfortunately, I've worked my ass off today and I'm exhausted so my comments are going to be brief for the most part. And obviously, some shows, while I love them dearly, just don’t inspire a lot of commenting. And my “reviews” are mostly lists of parts that made me laugh or didn’t. So don’t expect a NY Times style review.

Prison Break
What a great episode! Fast. Surprising. And what a cliffhanger! It was fantastic! I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Can’t say Sarah’s disguise is very disguise-y but hey, they want the viewer to know who she is. I was scared she was going to slit her wrists. I know that’s what the writers wanted you to think and it worked! I loved Sucre’s face when the guy handed him a parachute. Blonde guy is even creepier. I wouldn’t have thought it possible! A

I like Heroes very much but I’ve always thought that the material isn’t extremely unique. Many many sci-fi shows and stories have had characters with these abilities and sentiments. But it’s okay because the show is still presented with just enough unique properties that it doesn’t come away looking like a rip-off. HOWEVER, this episode had Sylar’s speech about being “special”. It reeked of Voldemort’s in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As soon as he started talking, I was thinking “Oh, that’s not good.” Bad move Heroes writers.
Also, I just wasn’t too impressed with the episode. It didn’t really offer any new information except how Sylar gets his powers. The thing that I’ve always loved about Heroes is that it keeps the story moving. Every episode it gives you something instead of dragging you along a la Lost. But last night’s episode wasn’t in that vein. Oh well. Even the best shows have their off-weeks, right? (Beer Bad anyone?) C

Gilmore Girls
“Wolfe Girl” – LOL! That was hilarious!
“Since when does a block of fermented cheese celebrate a wedding?” LOL
The whole midwife thing is hilarious.
For the first time, I felt bad for Luke. I was glad he finally put his foot down about his rights as a father.
Lorelei is obviously worried that people will judge her for marrying Christopher so soon after her break-up with Luke. She’s probably right too.
Doyle & Paris scorching the floorboards! LOL
“Suddenly I’m very nervous about my man-date with a farmer!” LOL B

Veronica Mars
Good episode. Loved the ending with Logan getting himself put into the jail cell. Mercer’s ass is grass! A university without a greek system? That would be so weird. I can’t say I like the protest girls. I think you defeat the purpose when you behave the way they do, which Veronica actually said in this episode. I felt so bad for Dean Cyrus. I like him. Was he dead at the end or just beat up and knocked out? I couldn’t tell. Veronica’s buddy was particularly funny in this episode which was needed to offset the heavy second half. I love watching Kristen Bell act. B

Boston Legal
Damn I love Alan Shore. He always gives the best speeches. But this exchange was heavenly:
Espenson: “What have we got now?”
Shore: “One of my overly-long closing arguments, but they’ve been known to work in the past.”
I love how everyone else sits around and whines, “What are we gonna do about this situation? Whadda we gonna dooooo?” And then Alan just walks in and DOES IT. Espenson “Hands” was great as usual. It’s nice to see his character grow. I’ve always loved the relationship between Denny and Alan so it was awesome to hear Denny say that he thought it was crazy for fidelity to be limited to intimate relationships. Alan’s profession of love was wonderful. It gave me warm fuzzies. B

The case was decent. But as far as character development: I’m tired of Brennan being “put into danger” every other episode so we can see how much Booth cares for her. And wasn’t it just last week that Brennan and Hodgins were buried alive and they were in traumatic shock? That wasn’t something you just move past. Hodgins was seriously shook up. He wouldn’t just be fine by the next episode. D

Usually shows take an asshole character and soften them up as time goes on. Yet House gets more assholey. I can’t believe Wilson has never hasn’t held him down and beat the snot out of him. Poor Cuddy. House was just cruel to her. I used to like Cameron. I’m very close to hating her now. She’s SO judgemental and nosy. B

My Name Is Earl
Randy preparing for Catalina was so sweet. The gay guy is always fun.
Randy spontaneously shouting “Ricolla!” was funny. Other than that though, this episode left me a little cold. C

The Office
Karen: "Jesus"Michael: "Apollo Creed" LOLDwight bending over with the money in his pocket was hilarious. Pam watching Jim & Karen Prison Mike "I've never been caught"Jim "Well, you're in prison, but okay." LOLMichael locking them in the room & pouting. LOL And the bitch mother shushing them for wanting out because she had her baby at work! Jim setting up Pam was funny. It seems a weird line for them. Will they be able to just joke around like they did before with Karen in the picture? The ending with Andy singing to Pam was funny because I love the look on Jim's face but I couldn't understand a word that Andy sang. B

The show I’m most loyal too, started back last night for it’s possibly last season. I have watched this show faithfully since the pilot episode. Last night made me laugh but it didn’t feel like classic Scrubs to me. Of course, neither did the beginning of season 5 and I think it turned out to be possibly the best season. I miss JD’s old look with the swept back hair. Pregnant Carla dancing against Dr. Kelso was funny (and I’ve always loved Bye Bye Bye).
I loved the touch of JD wearing a scarf in Vegas. That was cute.
The line “A Joe Piscapo look a-like contest?” cracked me up.
“Hardly seems like a punishment for the kid from Kenya.” LOL
The charades part was funny.
Overall though, this ep wasn’t very good to me. But it has to tie up loose ends. It’ll get better I know. D

Grey's Anatomy
This is another show that I have watched since the pilot. I ADORED it the first season but since then my love has waned quite a bit. I still think it’s a great show but it doesn’t enrapture me like it did. Thanksgiving night I missed it for the first time. I had forgotten it would be on during the holiday. That said, I have no idea what happened between Burke and Yang or how it went down. But I can tell that everyone knows.
George’s Dad made me cry. Izzy was right when she said “Her patient lives so she gets to scrub in.”
I can understand why Meredith feels the way she does about her half sister and stepmom. Her Dad made the choice to keep her away. But I do wish she’d try to let them in. (Every time I look at her stepmom though, I think of the sex scene in St. Elmo’s Fire). Izzy telling Sloan that she’s not his coffee girl – yay! I was disappointed she did it the second time though.
Man, Bailey was some kind of pissed. At first I thought it was just too much but then her explanation near the end of having her talent questioned made me understand her a lot more.
The twin patient saying “Can you make sure his ass is bigger than mine?” made me laugh.
The blonde doctor that was such a bitch (saying George was a pain in the ass – hello! That’s his dad!), she makes me think that that must’ve been what Ellis was like. Derrick and Sloan laughed together! That was a cool moment.
Chief’s speech to Bailey was beautiful. The first beautiful one he’s had in a very long time. B

Men In Trees
Nice beginning. I like the peaks at life in NY. Liza squealing she was engaged and thrusting her finger into Marin’s face was funny. And may I just say how much I love Anne Heche’s acting? It’s so REAL to me. Very real reactions.
Mai: “I got no china. Ironic, huh?” lol
Jerome cracked me up as always with his comment about the other guys practically humping him. Patrick phoning Marin for the radio show was too cute! I love that Jane is still calling Sam “Plow Guy”. Very cute. But they’ll need to stop that soon or it will get too old. McDreamy & McSteamy on Grey’s already gets on my nerves. When they pointed out bathrobe lady in the diner I cracked up. Jane’s comment about bochalism (sp?) was funny too.
Okay. Let’s be honest. Sometimes Jack can be a real a-hole but then he has those redeeming moments where he REALLY redeems himself. And when he drunkenly called Marin and said “I think I’m falling in love with you.” SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” It was insane how happy that made me. I got butterflies in my tummy! But I knew as soon as he said that the ex would be back. So I hated having seen that. I do worry that the relationship has been a bit rushed between Jack and Marin. I mean, it’s only the 10th episode and they already think they are in love? Will the show remain exciting if these two hook up? Will Marin loose the focus of self-reflection which is supposed to be the premise of the show? So many questions.
Ben and Theresa just don’t do anything for me. I don’t feel the chemistry. I like Sarah and Ben much better. I miss Sarah. She’s listed as a regular cast member. I wonder what happened to her.
And Annie.
Now I’ve saved the Annie talk until last because it was by far, the most important issue in the episode. Let me tell you how horrible I felt for Annie. VERY. I understood her sadness over not seeing her family at the holidays. I thought it was awfully rude of Buzz to wait until the last minute to tell her he couldn’t take her and, my gosh, but that dinner scene was sooooo uncomfortable. For every girl who has every dated a guy who’s family didn’t make you feel welcomed (like me!), you FELT that scene. When they made her hold the camera and didn’t give her the slice of pie, I wanted to smack them all. But it felt so good to see Annie getting some backbone. I liked the line “I’m always excited for you Patrick.” Because she is. She’s always been supportive of him. I’d like to see how Patrick reacts to this tumultuous time with Annie. How he reacts will be an indication of how he truly feels for her. He says he loves her but does he really know? She’s his first girlfriend right? A

Repeat episode so I won't fully review it, but I will say that the special effects on this show are why I keep coming back. Plus Clark making a joke was nice. That's a rarity.

Repeat episode so I won't fully review it. But seriously, Dean should just sleep with me now. He's so wonderfully funny, pissed and tortured all in one in this episode. And the line when he walks up to Sam and the Bearded Lady staring at each other and says, "Did you get her number?" KILLS me EVERY.TIME.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Brandi Carlile and Jem

Took advantage of the boss' absence this afternoon. I thought Michaela might to see the Brandi Carlile icons I made. Also, a trip down memory lane for all the other 80's kids out there with Jem & The Holograms (& Misfits).

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